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                                                        Intergraph TopoMouse
                                             By Pacific GeoProducts

Digital Photogrammetry In Your Hands

TopoMouse is an advanced, ergonomic free-hand device for moving the cursor in the XYZ directions on digital photogrammetric workstations and for carrying out frequent photogrammetric operations rapidly and efficiently. TopoMouse is the tool for maximum productivity in time-consuming, routine tasks such as feature collection and DTM editing.

The TopoMouse is supported in Intergraph/ERDAS LPS, ORIMA, PRO600 and Stereo Analyst® for ArcGIS® and BAE SOCET SET. A TopoMouse driver for ImageStation is now available in update SP1 for Imagestation.  Please check with your supplier for compatibility with other mapping software applications.

Expert Design
Developed by the same teams of mechanical, electronic and industrial designers as the DSW Digital Scanning Workstation, the new device also draws on ergonomic design principles and input from focus groups used to assess products in diverse fields. The eight buttons and four rocker switches allow 16 operations to be performed from the device. If one button is used as a shift key, the number of operations can be increased to 30. The large Z-wheel is accessible by either thumb or forefinger.

• High productivity
• Low cost
• Ergonomic design
• Convenient for commonly executed photogrammetry functions
• Fewer mistakes on routine tasks
• Controls up to 30 operations
• Customizable button assignment for particular users, software or projects

Ergonomic, Robust, Customizable, and Smooth Ergonomic Shape
TopoMouse is compact for convenient use by many types of operators. For greater comfort, it is also shaped with the "V" inverted from the position used in traditional photogrammetry. The metal Z-wheel has grip ridges and protrudes for easy thumb or forefinger contact. The subtle dark color of the device minimizes eye distraction when tired and the feel of the TopoMouse was designed for comfort under prolonged use.

Robust System
The TopoMouse button and switch design is built to sustain millions of presses. To minimize dirt pick-up and simplify cleaning, the device moves on specially designed nylon pads. TopoMouse receives power and transmits data through a convenient single cable and has a USB connection to the workstation.

 Customized Design
All buttons and switches are software programmable and can be allocated to operations according to user preference. They can also be assigned to control clutching, shifting, sensitivity, and automatic slewing. Multiple sets of button and switch configurations can be stored to suit different operators, projects or software applications. Software products from ERDAS such as LPS, ORIMA, PRO600 and Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS include functionality to use the TopoMouse flexibly. Successful operation with third party software products is straightforward as well. A programming guide is available from Pacific GeoProducts upon request.

Smooth Operation
TopoMouse employs a highly precise optical mechanism with far more counts and, therefore, more precise response than most computer mice. The nylon pads underneath offers a smooth, controllable ride across the table or mousepad.

 High Functionality at a Modest Price
TopoMouse is the key to higher output from traditional photogrammetric processes performed by skilled system users. Using TopoMouse to perform routine tasks simplifies complex operations, lessens user fatigue and increases productivity.
• Eliminate irritating stoppages for cleaning or swapping devices
• No digitizing tablet required in workstation table
• Adaptable to different users and software packages

Physical Attributes
• length - 5" (127 mm)
• width - 11 (279 mm)
• height - 2.5 (64 mm)
• weight - 0.45 kg
• mousepad - 14" x 17.5" (35.56 x 44.45 cm)

• Button Allocation - Completely flexible through software
• Power - Powered by your USB connection. No separate power supply required.
• Connection - USB
• Electronics - optical mouse
• Z control - Large wheel, accessible front and back of mouse; high precision encoder
• XY motion - High-precision encoders standard; 4 rocker switches, each with two positions; buttons distributed equally to each hand